moonkwayk studio portfolio : the moon

I love the moon, the sky and the weather and how this light show that is all around us affects our moods and affects plants and animals – especially birds. Moonkwayk is like moon quake or earth quake. I have a telescope now – I want to photograph what I can see through the eye peice – a problem to solve.

Moon Prints – click on image to zoom in.

Moon, collgraph, 4 colours, size of plate 7cm x 6.5cm. Cost £15.00. Order no 336.

Welten und Brucken ( Worlds and Bridges ), etched aluminium plate, 4 colours, size of plate 12cm x 12cm. Cost £25.00. Order no 306.

Welten und Brucken : Translated – ‘Worlds and Bridges’.The idea came first of a bridge from sky to earth – that we are all in it together on this planet looking out to the universe – then I found the German phrase and it seemed to fit. Welten und Brucken was  accepted for an exhibition entitled  ‘Bridging’. It travelled to Australia. The remaining prints that are for sale are the final prints of the edition, the plate will not be printed again – it is too worn to create prints to the standard I want. There are 12 prints remaining for sale – 1 colour, 2 colour and full colour.

Lunar rise over earth ocean, No 2, collagraph 2 plates, 6 colours, size of paper 50cm x 70cm. Cost £90. Order no 321

See Portfolio for more prints.

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