Long distance bicycle training

Chester le street to South Shields circular via minchella ice cream at Marsden and the windmill at Whitburn ( and many many other superb sights ) on Monday 3rd August – at least 35 miles – good training day.

I like the way it says easy cycling – excuse me I can only do one way – get on and keep going and freewheel. If I can manage 50 – 60 miles in one day it will have be easy cycling – I’ve done 30 miles in one day and I know I was very slow – I guess that’s the next stage building up the stamina and speed will come next. Also a lighter bike mine is heavy and a bit clunky however I’m not complaining.

I’m at about week 4 level at the moment so I’m starting from there. Except it took me about 3 1/2 hours to do 30 miles. I like training schedules they are addictive and create competition with yourself.

Cycling to Edinburgh is the goal – next year so I’ll be repeating the last 5 weeks several times.

bicycle training003

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