family, related to Mollie Dryden, Thomas Jobson : who lived in Alexandria, Egypt

MarieandTomCairo002 MarieandTomCairo003back MarieandTomCairo004 MarieandTomCairo004back

I’ve been unearthing many photographs and documents from the loft – as I’m converting it into another studio for myself – and found these photographs of a cousin of my Grandma Proctor’s – Mollie Dryden before marriage –  Thomas Jobson who my Dad visited during the second war in Alexandria. He was a history graduate who I think must have been employed alongside many others when the Tutankhamun discovery was made – just prior and obviously after. I’m going to try and find out what he did, his wife was an interpreter – Marie and was french – they didn’t have any children. Another memory stored in a photograph that would have been forgotten without them. Hopefully I’ll be adding more images and information about his life in Egypt – he didn’t return to Dudley in Northumberland where he was born – don’t think he returned to the UK.

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