Anatomy Project No 1 ‘Fainting in the Air’

I’ve started working on a project with Dr Eleanor Holmes see Eleanor’s website

Latest drawing from the Anatomy Lab dated Friday 7/2/2014


I’m deliberately trying to create images that provoke a response – but the more I draw in the lab the more I can only see the beauty of especially the skeleton and the way the body works. I don’t see it as macabre at all – just wonder at how it all fits together. We all have skeletons working inside us but our cultures have made particularly the skeleton a ghoulish image.

This is the start of a new Mancrow image – I’ll add the image to the blog as it gets more work done to it.


It involves researching the anatomy of the heart and brain and the G forces on the human body during flight and how the brain can play tricks on the pilot. Pilots in the 1940s had to practice inducing the effects to both recognise the symptoms and pull out of steep dives and to de sensitise their bodies to the effects. Hallucinations can occur – this opens up all kinds of ideas and possibilities for both the writer and the artist. I’m interested in metamorphosis and bird flight – so watch these ideas developing.

I’ll be posting drawings from the Newcastle Medical School anatomy lab and how they link into the ‘Fainting in the Air’ story.

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