Red kites and a new perspective on the Angel of the North

I went to an exhibition last week via Durham railway station to Leeds – of an artist’s work called ‘Palpable Sculpture’ the artist Paul Neagu – very interesting – currently on in Leeds at the Henry Moore Institute – free entrance. He taught Antony Gormley at the Royal College of Art – when I cycled past the ‘Angel’ later, the same week I suddenly saw the influence of Paul Neagu. There’s a lot online about his work. Refreshing, loved the drawings of the objects he made. He made a ‘Cake Man’ that people – yes – ate. Very palpable. I’ve ordered a plastic facsimile of our own palpable piece of sculpture that we all carry with us at all times – essential, functional and beautiful – a human life size skeleton. I’ve hummed and haa’d for months and decided if I am really serious about making the 40 etched images and lino block images that it will take to create my next big piece of work I should make the purchase. See Fainting in the air for my first drawings beginning the process, in the dissection room of Newcastle Medical School.

The red kite was a few days before on a bicycle journey to Dipton along the coast to coast – just off at the ‘Blue Heads’ electric tingle in the air and a magnificent close up view of the bird scattering a gang of rooks as it suddenly did a quick turn towards them. I looked up information about what they eat and was startled to learn that worms are a big part of their diet, mostly carrion but not it appears cyclists or rooks or any other corvids.


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