Where’s the heart and soul ? In the next and last page of ‘ Souvenir’ letterpress.

I’ve decided that I only want to do the work that has heart and soul – I’ll be singularly poor in this mission – it doesn’t get done easily or quickly – it requires focus and hard cash – just like setting letterpress to print text, not like using Word with it’s easy selection of faces. However……..it brings rich rewards of a non financial type. Many times it goes unnoticed but then that one time – that person who really gets it who might be around the next corner. I have ideas about hope and corners – turning a corner, reaching a bend and finding that maybe my work has ideas that someone else can enjoy, maybe find ideas for their own creativity – whatever. If you read the post Passieg de Gracia , knights and dragons, you will know about the little fella looking around the corner at the knight slaying the dragon – well I’m rewriting the story – my version the bear escapes and frees the dragon and they end up chasing a steam locomotive along Chester le Street railway viaduct. I’m definitely inspired by corners and hope. From now on it’s heart and soul for me and every day I have left. We all have such a short time to be productive – it gets overlooked, I’m leaving petty annoyance and boredom behind and going for heart and soul in letterpress, etching, collagraph and ink. Not forgetting digital ???? and the Van Dyke emulsion technique on Fabriano Rosapina paper – something new for the future.

Moonkwayk Studio’s latest book is entitled ‘Souvenir of Tynemouth’ a poem written by Elaine Cusack images and design by Anne Proctor – it will be available for sale soon.

souvenir004 souvenir001 souvenir002DSC02752souvenirbonfire11souvenirbonfire13souvenirbonfire9

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1 Response to Where’s the heart and soul ? In the next and last page of ‘ Souvenir’ letterpress.

  1. donna says:

    Good for you Anne. That really made me smile. Passion and drive! We could all do with a bit more of it.

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