Part one : visit to the old Rectory or is it the old Challoch Manse ?





Simon and Donna and their two sons, Daniel and Andy, plus dogs Peter and Milly are creating something magical in Galloway and Dumfries ( or is it Dumfries and Galloway ), this is part one of the experience as seen by their two guests – Myra and myself this past weekend 18th – 21st July 2014.  Keep watching this site because creative amazements will be happening in the years to come at the old Rectory ( or the old Challoch Manse ) near Newton Stewart and I will be spreading the word.

First of all they have to hook up THE BIGGEST HOT WATER TANK in the world to their 2 massive wood burning stoves – good luck Simon and Donna and the boys with the hook up and testing this week !!


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2 Responses to Part one : visit to the old Rectory or is it the old Challoch Manse ?

  1. mark cowen says:

    I used to visit here as a child in the late 60s/early 70s when my great uncle (Percy Crawford) was the incumbent. Happy salad days. I remember there used to be a huge barn/garage to the side, looks like its been pulled down years ago. I also remember there being a secret passage from one of the downstairs rooms to an upstairs room, though time could be playing tricks on my memory.

    • Moonkwayk Studio Anne Proctor says:

      Thanks Mark for your memories ~ I’ll pass them on to Simon and Donna – just back from a visit last weekend. I think you are correct about a passage but I believe that it has been blocked up. There is still work to be done and we always forget that behind a locked kitchen door there is another house – being worked on by Simon – floor boards up etc so no one allowed in in case of injury. Now has chickens running around the garden providing lovely daily eggs.

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